Create a business abroad

When creating a business abroad, opening an office, establishing industrial presence or creating subsidiaries in a foreign country, Vigie Egypt secures your action and helps you prepare your international development strategy in Europe, Africa, North America, the Middle East, or Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

We are specialized in the food processing, armament, defense, and renewable energy markets, manufacturing, and international trade. Vigie Egypt assists your business in all these sectors.

The added value that we bring is a formidable network of reliable economic, commercial, and legal partners in each country that we cover.

A step-by-step strategy to secure your business

Whether you want to establish your business, open a new production site, position a research office, or deploy subsidiaries abroad, our know-how and step-by-step organization guarantees that you will be linked with good contacts and secure international transactions.

To develop the right strategy, Vigie Egypt helps you and ensures that you benefit from its knowledge of local legislation and regulations.

Beyond helping you get past cultural and linguistic barriers, Vigie Egypt unveils the reality of the economic, fiscal, and social makeup of each target country.

International development in stages

Opening branches abroad or developing an industrial presence in the world happens through key steps like market research, establishing relationships, obtaining necessary authorizations, etc.

Vigie Egypt puts you in contact with key decision makers in the market and secures your international approach.

Vigie Egypt researches and presents you with the right business partners, helps you determine the best strategic placements, and brings you analysis of the local competition, all while giving you operational assistance to complete our service.

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