Exploration and qualification of foreign markets

If your commercial offer has real potential in Europe, the USA, Canada, Africa, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, or the United Emirates, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We can help !

Do you want to put in place an IMPORT-EXPORT strategy or establish yourself in these markets ?

Vigie Egypt conducts operational market research that facilitates the success of your development strategy.

Whatever your area of work – food processing, armament, defense, renewable energies, manufacturing, trade, transportation and logistics, textiles, thread, cotton - successful international development will energize your growth..

Import-export: ask the right questions !

Always be careful to ask the right questions to correctly evaluate the local market, its economic makeup, and different prospects in a pertinent way !

A genuine partner in your international development project, Vigie Egypt accompanies you and leads you through all the steps of setting up your business abroad.

As such, we help business directors (SMBs, middle market companies, corporate groups) on points that are essential to know about implementation possibilities and the feasibility of their plan.

Who are the biggest importers and distributors in the target country ?

Who are the local and foreign purchasers ?

Who are the competitors, and what do they offer ?

Do local regulations allow for rapid market penetration in the target market ?

There are many questions that must be answered perfectly before launching an international development project.


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