How do you develop your business internationally ?

As professionals in food processing, armament and defense, renewable energies, manufacturing, trade, transport and logistics, textiles (thread, cotton), are you looking to expand your business on a global scale ?

With Vigie Egypt, international trade specialists based in Cairo, Egypt, enjoy full support in the following areas :

  • Africa, the Central African Republic, Mali, Chad, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Kenya, the Gambia, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, the Congo, Gabon, Cameroun, Benin.
  • The European Union and Eastern Europe
  • The United States of America and Canada
  • The Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates

Import-export or implementation abroad: everything starts with exploration !

As an expert in multi-country trade and international implementation, Vigie Egypt is the right partner for your international development and accompanies you before, during, and after the setup of your business.

Its area of business extends towards all the target continents and represents the first step of a successful implementation of commercial relationships (import-export); it is the exploration of the local market.

Vigie Egypt does precise audits on the geographical zones that interest you.

Our objective is to evaluate the local market (economic makeup, prospects) to supply you with the best attack strategy and/or setup of your distribution network.

International commerce: a network and real know-how

Whatever your business’s domain of activity (food processing, armament and defense, renewable energies, manufacturing, trade, transportation and logistics, textiles, thread, cotton, etc.), Vigie Egypt embodies a serious and effective partner.

After evaluating the match between your offer and the foreign target market, we activate our local network.

Our objective is two-fold :

  • open international doors for you by ensuring the role of contract facilitator,
  • fulfill our mission of commercial support abroad (prospection, negotiation, shipment, securing regulations, etc.)

Establishing yourself abroad: how do you create or manage your business internationally ?

As specialists in international markets, Vigie Egypt provides you with a local network (decision makers, banks, suppliers, etc.) to allow you to create, manage, or develop your business abroad.

Because an international implementation project must leave nothing to chance, our know-how ensures that you have support on every strategic point: partner research, industrial site research, partner audit, operational and legal assistance, etc.

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